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 BA in 4 Weeks

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I am just starting out (40? years old) and am interested in getting an Associates in Business. ASAP. My question is: Should I take the GRE for the basic courses or should I take the individual courses via CLEP, etc? Also, which school TESC or Exc. would be the cheapest for me to get into just by exam only.




1. 55% of the associate’s degree in Business will comprise the general ed requirements, and 35%, the minimum Business requirements, leaving just six semester hours of elective credit. Since you will meet the general ed requirements via the CLEP general exams (or some other appropriate means), and the Business requirements by judicious use of CLEP, DANTES, and ECE, you wont have a great deal of use for the GRE.


Bottom line- GRE not readily applicable in this case.




2. Cheapest - - For you, in these specific circumstances: Excelsior College.










I just want to make sure I'm not misunderstanding some things...


1. At Excelsior, you can get one BA and one BS (but not two of either), and students pay enrollment+graduation fees twice (if they were to get one of each)? In that case, waiting for a while in between getting the BA and BS would make no difference?


2. At Excelsior, for the 2nd degree they basically let you "reuse" all the other credits (even though schools don't generally allow that)?


3. At Excelsior, instead of getting 2 degrees, a person could pay only one enrollment+graduation and have 2 majors on the one degree (by taking another GRE subject test)... as long as both were BS (or BA)?


4. How about having 3 majors?


5. What do you mean by "No academic credit is awarded for any score in the GRE General Exam." on ?


6. What do you mean by "There are no grades attached to the general exams." on the bottom of ?








1. No. At Excelsior you CAN earn two BS degrees. I have two. What you cannot do is earn two degrees in the same Excelsior degree program. Yes, you pay two distinct set of fees; one set for each degree program in which you enrolled. You cannot be enrolled in concurrent degree programs. You can enroll in consecutive programs with ne’er a gap between.





2. I explain in detail the rules governing enrollment in, and completion of, a second degree, in the body of the text of BA in 4 Weeks, in the Knowledge Base, and in this Q&A.


At Excelsior, you must earn as “new credit”, one quarter of the credits required for the second degree. “New credit” is defined as credit earned AFTER conferral of your first bachelor degree. You may earn all or part of that “new Credit” before enrollment in the second degree program.


In the Liberal Arts program, one quarter of the credit required for the degree, usually translates to 30 semester hours (since the minimum credit requirement for the complete degree is 120 semester hours).





3. No, you cannot have two majors in a one degree (i.e. no double major). No, you cannot earn a double degree, either.





4. No you cannot have three majors in one degree. Yes, you may be allowed to earn three degrees in different degree programs. In the case of the third degree, you must petition the dean of the relevant school that administers the program of interest, explaining why you want to complete a third bachelor’s degree and how precisely it would benefit you to do so (as opposed to say, moving on to an earned master’s).





5. No assessment institution featured in BA in 4 Weeks will award you college credit for your performance in the Graduate Record General Test. Credit is awarded on the basis of performance in the Graduate Record SUBJECT Test.





6. The CLEP general exams are scored pass/fail. They are not letter graded by the colleges. In the context of the paragraph you cite, it means that you need not worry too much if you only scrape a bare pass in the general CLEP exams since your transcripts will not distinguish between a lousy performance and a perfect score.



BA in 4 Weeks 1st Year BS degrees, discussing the CLEP general exams



“Get the Official CLEP Guide and the Princeton Review. Try out the mock exams. If you're scoring greater than 500 scaled score, sit the exams without further ado. Remember, a pass at 500 yields exactly the same credit as a pass at 800. There are no grades attached to the general exams. In the unlikely event you do fail, you can resit the exam and suppress the failure..... no one will know, or care. “



[note: CLEP CBT exam, under new rationalized scoring, standard scores - 800 = 80; 500 = 50]











Sorry, could you explain this restriction more? "What you cannot do is earn two degrees in the same Excelsior degree program." I don't understand what is not allowed at Excelsior. (Maybe just can't get 2 of their Technology or 2 of their Business degrees?)




If you, say, earned your first Excelsior College bachelor degree in the Business degree program, you cannot earn another bachelor degree in that program. You could, however, earn a second degree in the Excelsior College Liberal Arts degree program, or in the Technology program. 349
















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