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 BA in 4 Weeks

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I was wondering what you thought of Empire State College - I do not see it on your site.

I read that they give 36 credits for a subject GRE with a greade of 80%. If I banked the 36 credits there, could I then transfer them to COSC, TESC or Excelsior?

ALSO - which of these 4 has the simplest Prior Learning Assessment system?





Many colleges and universities require only the last quarter of the degree be earned in their institution. A typical 120 semester hour degree then, requires only 30 semester hours of new learning at these institutions if 90 hours are transferred-in.




Empire State College (ESC), a constituent college of the State University of New York (SUNY), requires a minimum 128 semester hours credit be earned for the award of a bachelor degree. A total 96 semester hours may be transferred-in.


The difference between ESC, other such schools, and the big three assessment colleges, is significant in terms of flexibility, speed, and cost. This website is dedicated to getting readers from non-degreed to degreed by the quickest, cheapest, most convenient, and legitimate route available. If traditional degree programs are low-speed meandering back roads, ESC offers a more efficient and economical cruise along a broader two lane, highway. The BA in 4 Weeks focus is E-ticket journeys along the autobahn at speeds limited only by a learnerís intellectual horsepower.


Programs offered by ESC (and other institutions) however, are certainly worthy of note, and discussion, and do represent an alternative route that may best serve the interests of some.





I donít see much difference between the four in terms of component parts (portfolio, exam, course, etc.) or in procedures and methods. Differences mainly lie in the price. Other than that, I do to see that overall, any one institution has a leg up on the others. Individual differences and quirks do exist, of course and these differentiating characteristics are discussed in BA in 4 Weeks.

Hmm. Seeing is believing. I found one live primary source reference to this alleged largesse. Mark Israel cites another example in Usenet and degreeinfo, but the link doesnít lead anywhere. What *is* true (and most are unaware of this) is that non-specific, cursory but clear, reference is made to the award of credit for GRE subject test by ESC in several of their official publications. However, Iíve yet to find a verifiable, and quantifiable example of implementation of the rule (who earned what credit for what score, in what program, under what set of guidelines). Seeking resolution, Iíve sent off the following to the ESC Office of Academic Affairs . . .


Dear Ms. DeCrescenzo,

In one live revision of the ESC publication, "A STUDENT'S GUIDE - CREDIT BY EXAMINATION", it states:

The Graduate Record Examination Advanced Subject Tests (GRE) are examinations offered in many different fields of study (the GRE also offers general aptitude tests which are not translatable to credit). Content of an advanced subject test is equivalent to a college major in the subject. Empire State College may award up to 36 credits toward a bachelor's degree. Check with your center assessment office for information on possible credit for the GRE.Ē


I wonder if you might confirm that:

1. ESC awards credit for some minimum score in the GRE subject exams.

2. ESC will award up to 36 semester hour credit for some level of performance in the GRE subject exams.

If indeed, statements 1 and/or 2 above are/is true, could you enumerate:

a. The minimum standard scores, or alternatively, the percentile rank, triggering the award of semester hour credit at ESC?

b. The threshold standard scores or percentile rank required to qualify for the award of maximum semester hour credit at ESC?

c. The number of semester hours credit awarded for the minimum qualifying standard scores or percentile rank in the exam?

d. If statement 2 above is false, but statement 1 is true, what *is* the maximum semester hour credit ESC will award for any score in the exam?

Thank you.



. . . . and Empire State College Replies:



Dear Laurie,

The range of credits that Empire State College students can earn for GRE

subject exams is 6 to 36 credits.  The score for the minimum credit award

is the 20-29th percentile rank.  The score for the maximum credit award is

the 96th + percentile rank.  They may not receive any other credit in

their degree program in the field(s) covered by the exam(s).  The credits

must fit within the student's approved Empire State College degree


Thank you for your interest,

Roz McClure
Office of College Assessment Services










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