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 BA in 4 Weeks

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 Does your company provide its services to incarcerated students?


We have many inquiries from incarcerated students seeking an AA or BA degree that have education behind them, but are lacking the offical paperwork. Does your company have a mailing address I can give to these students, since the internet is not allowed in prison, letters are the only form of communication they have access to. Thank you for your help.




I take it you are well aware of the University of Ohio bachelor program for the incarcerated, but will nevertheless point to the link on the Critical Resources page of this web site (may benefit others who have an interest).


With respect to BA in 4 Weeks, the methodology is fully articulated in the text. What inmates would need then, would be a copy of BA in 4 weeks: The Book. I am unsure of exact publication date but it should be relatively soon. Those in prison wishing to pursue an accredited BA degree by examination would need:-


1. BA in 4 weeks published guide (book)

2. Proctors who are willing to invigilate the exams

3. Facilitating intermediaries to work with prison administration (the CEA, I take it)

4. Student access to suitable study materials and practice exams

5. Funding for eventual enrollment in and graduation from, one of the assessment institutions.


I would suppose your organization well versed and able to produce in terms of points 2 and 3. With respect to 1 – easy, buy the book. Point 4, I list relevant reading material for the exams in BA in 4 Weeks. The list details texts that offer succinct instruction in the necessary competencies – no more, no less – at the lowest cost possible. Books should total no more than three hundred dollars. This includes critical practice exams not on offer elsewhere for free. Many practice exams are made freely available by the exam providers. I list them in some detail and link to them in Most freebies are in portable document file form (PDF). It is likely that permission to print these on-demand, solely for distribution to the incarcerated would be forthcoming from the exam providers (ETS et al).


Again, with respect to the BA in 4 Weeks system and methodologies, all that is necessary in already present in the text. Should incarcerated learners have specific queries, along the lines of those in Lawrie’s Q&A, it would be possible to include a mailing address in the book.


All in all, I think the process outlined above is far more efficient and economical than learners writing-to-enquire. You may know better, of course.



















I want to go on to Law School. Which of the big 3 is better to move on? Please help... I already have 60 credit done I need to know where to go




You should be well served by any one of the Big Three. There *are* differences between their respective product offerings, and these are examined in some detail in the FUNDAMENTALS section of BA in 4 Weeks. Read this section fully.

My thought would be that you might want to first consider which degree discipline will provide you the best preparation for law school, then decide which assessment college will deliver the goods (the bachelor degree) quickly, conveniently and economically. Again, consideration of the pros and cons delineated in the FUNDAMENTALS section of BA in 4 Weeks should help here.

Which undergraduate degree discipline would provide the best preparation? Well, you have the option of Excelsior’s bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, of course, but all considered, a well-rounded degree in the Liberal Arts seems like a slam-dunk no-brainer to me.
















I have about 60 credit and wish to persue a political science degree and go on to Law School. I see you have a poli.sci degree and wonder if you used GRE for it or not? And if not can you point me in the direction of classes to persue it? Or even better is there an Excelsior degree that is very easy and fast to get in liberal arts that you can help with?




I used the GRE subject exam in Political Science to meet major/concentration requirements. Alas, that exam has ceased to be. There is no alternative path via standardized exams to the BA in Political Science.

That would be the one detailed in the liberal arts bachelor degree manual of BA in 4 Weeks. Much time and effort went into designing a program plan incorporating the best mix of elements (degree with most flexible requirements and simplest exams) and grouping or juxtaposing tests that complemented one another in terms of interlinking competencies. That is, in studying for one exam, you gain knowledge directly applicable in another, or knowledge that is a necessary foundation for another.

So, if you want to travel the path of least resistance, that’s your best bet.

If you would prefer a named major, the most convenient and probably one of the most accessible (in terms of understanding content) would be the BS in Psychology. Use the GRE subject exam augmented by the ECE exam in Research Methods in Psychology, to fulfill major requirements.











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