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 BA in 4 Weeks

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Copyright   Lawrie Miller  1997 - 2004











Are there any masters degree programs that can be completed as rapidly as the bain4weeks?



No. Minimum time to complete will be 8 months. Theoretically, the Heriot Watt EBS MBA, could be completed in 4 or 5 months. You would have to buy the modules and register for the exams around 4 months ahead of time.


In my view, it is the case that required STUDY TIME for certain advanced degrees (masters) may be condensed to 7 weeks. However, because of university regulations, the REQUIREMENTS for the degree cannot be completed in less than eight months - minimum.


I've commented on various aspect of fast completion at master's level and offered several examples in disparate disciplines. See the BA in 4 Weeks Knowledge Base. 







If someone has a non-US degree can they have it "converted" to a US degree at the BIG 3 - or would they have to earn a second degree?



If the Big Three recognize the degree, then I think probably not. It would be transcribed as a complete degree. If not recognized, then it is possible that the discrete components comprising the degree (course credit) may be recognized converted to the equivalent US semester hour credit. That depends upon the judgment of the foreign credential evaluators.








[O]n transfer of credit between the three instutions (COSC,TESC,Excelsior):


Could one take a majority of the classes at Excelisor and then transfer to one of the "State Colleges" for the final few?


The additional english requirements at Excelisor are a bit of a drag. Additionally I'd like tho have the "state" desgination on my degree. Would either carry over and honor Excelisor's GPA number? What other issues would the two schools have with Excelisor credits?



You should experience no difficulty transferring credit between the Big three. Just make sure you meet the specific degree requirements of the receiving institution.


Excelsior does not issue a GPA, so there would be none to transfer. GPA is implicit in the grades, other than pass grades, that appear on your transcript.


GPA is only calculated internally by the colleges to ensure you meet minimum requirements for conferral of the degree (a GPA of at least 2.00), and in calculating the award of honors. Minimum number of graded semester hours and GPA thresholds, required for the award of honors vary ( a bit) from college to college. I have provided a breakdown of these (at least with respect to Excelsior) in this Q&A and possibly in the Knowledge Base.







I just got started on your program by signing up for my first CLEPs and ECEs and am looking to get a BS in Business from Excelsior.


My question: Can I fulfill the math requirement with the CLEP College Mathemathics or do I need to pick a more specialized test like College Algebra?




'Fraid not, you need the college Algebra or an equivalent. CLEP College Mathematics wont cut it. That is why CLEP College Algebra is specified in the BA in 4 Weeks Business Degree guide. I didnít include it to give learners a hard time. It is there because it is, in my opinion, the next easiest math exam available.


It is perhaps, not a bad strategy, to concentrate initial efforts on accumulating credit in subjects you find easiest, and tackling those you like least, last. You will have to do them eventually, of course, but you are far more likely to persevere in the face of any difficulty, if you have already completed 85% of the degree, and can see an end to it. Against that, should you fail that exam, thereís a six month wait until the re-sit.


That last scenario doesnít affect you, however, since you will never test as a marginal candidate.



Youíve decided to get your degree; congratulations. Getting started is the hardest part of the process. Consider that it may be all downhill from here. :)







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