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 BA in 4 Weeks

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Copyright   Lawrie Miller  1997 - 2004











Thank you for the great sight. Are you in the military or a DOD employee? I was a Marine for eight years. How were you able to take the DANTES exams? I plan on enrolling in EC.




DANTES exam candidates need not be active or retired military, nor current or former DOD personnel, nor indeed, need they be US citizens, to be eligible to take the tests.


The DANTES program is paid for by all of us (US taxpayers), and at least in this case, we who pay the piper get to play, too.


In fact, and to be as clear as possible, all may participate, whether they are US taxpayers or not, and whether they are US citizens or not.


I give details in BA in 4 Weeks of who can take the exams and how to go about taking the exams. I provide links to the various exam providers and links to exam site lists and online and paper based exam registration(s).


See the Critical Resources page.










I was a student of several post secondary institution having graduated with National Trade Certificate in Automotive Technology, Dip in Manufacturing Engineering, Dip Psychology, Adv Dip Strategic Management (HR), & Adv Dip Counselling. In addition I am presently enrolled in a Graduate Diploma program in a local institution in Singapore.


I am writing in to explore my options for credit transfer and consolidation of my learning achievements for an appropriate undergraduate qualification that the Academic Board deem fit.




While the degrees featured in the text of BA in 4 Weeks are conferred exclusively by US regionally accredited institutions, if you plan to pursue a career in any area within the Singapore government apparatus or associated quangos (defense, urban planning, public works, administration, policy, health services, at al), you may have a problem having such a degree recognized.


Same may apply to any non-resident undergraduate degree from anywhere. This seems to be a problem specific to Singapore. Least ways, thatís the way things stood a very few years back. Important in the first instance that you confirm with a representative sample of prospective employers that they will accept LEGITIMATE distance learning exam-based degrees.


If in the end you decide to go ahead with the plan, you will have to have your academic and professional credentials evaluated for equivalency. In the US, for foreign degrees and credits to be accepted at regionally accredited universities and colleges, they must have been earned at institutions deemed equivalent to US regionally accredited institutions. The legitimacy of foreign institutions (and by extension their degrees) is commonly checked against a number of criteria collectively known as GAAP (Generally Accepted Accrediting Principles), a description coined by some in the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (mercifully known by the acronym AACRAO).


If the foreign institution is deemed legitimately accredited in its own country (in many, many cases this means if the foreign college or university is a state funded, and state designated institution of higher learning) the estimated US equivalent level and breadth of the credential is considered, and an equivalency evaluation arrived at. The determination of foreign institution legitimacy and the estimation of US equivalency is made either by the US accepting institution, i.e., the college or university, or, more often, by an outside agency that specializes in foreign credential evaluation. These outside agencies are private, unregulated organizations. Normally, the accepting institution will provide a list of acceptable agencies from which the applicant must choose one. There is a significant fee for this service. The equivalency transcript generated by the agency is sent directly to the accepting institution. I looks very similar to a normal US college transcript, and contains the same type of anti forgery protections.









Quick question: Is it possible to take a GRE subject test at a military base if your not in the military? If so, are there designated times you have to take it? If not, is the only way to take it at the official times (Nov/Dec/Apr)?



No. If you're a civilian I do not know of a way you can circumvent the ETS GRE subject exams 3-diets per year rule.


Note also that not all subjects are offered in all exam diets. That is to say, certain subjects may only be offered twice a year or even just once a year.


You will have to sit your chosen subject GRE at a designated test site, on a specific date in November, December, or in April.















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