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 BA in 4 Weeks

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It seems there is a dearth of for-credit exams that would fulfill BSCIS credit requirements.


I have written to Excelsior’s Admissions Office twice, and the following are excerpts from their replies:


“Unfortunately, proficiency exams are not available in many technology areas.”


“I do not believe that the CIS degree can be completed with CLEP and GRE exams alone. For example, neither organization has an exam to satisfy the Computer Architecture requirement.”


Is it me or does it appear that they are discouraging a credit-by-examination approach? According to the information posted in Lawrie’s Q&A Q #212 (June 11, 2004) a score of 710 or higher in the GRE Computer Science exam will satisfy their core requirements in Computer Architecture.




I was planning on taking the GRE, but am hesitant after reading your reply to Q #197 in Lawrie’s Q&A:


“….I think computer science is to CIS as materials science is to pottery….”.


Anyway, do any definitive guides exist that provide a listing of CIS-related exams while at the same time detail which degree requirement it is designed for?





If completing the entire degree via examination, the ICCP exams comprise an essential component of the degree CIS core.


I'm astonished the Excelsior reps never mentioned the ICCP (they didn’t?). If they did not cite these, it's no great surprise the Computer Science GRE got short shrift. The bit you quoted read like a snippet of a canned answer. The less charitable might conclude they're working on a need-to-know basis, and that when answering your questions, they felt you need know naught.


If the GRE Computer Science serves you better than the ICCP in relevant subject areas, then go for it. It doesn't matter that it has little to do with CIS, it still leads you some way to your goal. Certainly it’s a whole lot cheaper than ICCP examination route.


Definitive guide relating degree requirements to available exams? These used to be, before the Excelsior website redesign. The link no longer works but see:,84932&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL


and for vendor certs . . .,84884&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL


and get the Technology program catalog from Excelsior.




Select ICCP Exams and credit awarded at Excelsior in the CIS program


Core 12 (3 A/P + 9 LD)

Communications 3 UD

Data Resource Management 3 UD

Procedural Programming 3 LD

Systems Programming 3 LD

Systems Development 3 UD








Let's say I enroll at Excelsior to obtain a B.S. I have credits from another school that can satisfy one of Excelsior’s requirements, but the problem is I took other classes at that school and didn't do so well.


Is it possible to only transfer/use certain credits towards my degree, and not use the other not-so-good ones, as long as I fulfill Excelsior’s requirements for a degree in other ways, of course?


Basically can I choose which transfer credits to use towards my degree or does Excelsior take them in one lump package?



Not a problem. You can pick and chose which credit appears in your transcript at any time up until your records are submitted in consideration of degree conferral, after which, the transcript is cast in stone.


I cover this and some of the ramifications that flow from it, in "Which Degree?", a link to which can be found on the home page of









Lawrie, You are an absolute genius! Is there any way I can send you my transcripts and you could evaluate and give me your advice? I know you are busy, but I desperately need your assistance. This is all very confusing. Of course I would be willing to pay a fee for this service. Please Help! 284



Thanks for the kind words, but the genius lies with readers applying the methodologies delineated in BA in 4 Weeks to complete their degree in considerably less than the standard four years whilst holding down a full time job and/or raising a family. (The average BA in 4 Weeks graduate time to completion is in the range 4 to 8 months - congratulations to all of them)


I will be offering a degree planning service soon. Watch for the announcement. First and foremost though, TRY TO BE YOUR OWN BEST ADVISOR!


Most learners really should not need my help to tweak and personalize their degree plan. My input is a poor substitute for your own in this respect. The heavy lifting (the bulk of the necessary degree planning and program construction) has already been done for you and is presented in the BA in 4 Weeks degree manuals. Learners can choose to use one of those plans "as is", or customize one to best fit their particular preferences and needs.


Before plunking your hard-earned cash down for any paid service, consider that no hireling regards you so well that they will devote their time and energy quite as selflessly to ensure your welfare as will you.














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