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 BA in 4 Weeks

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I have 34 semester hours from an unfinished LPN program, 6 semester hours in an EMT course, and 16 semester hours from a Surgical Technology course, both taken about 15 years earlier at regionally accredited community colleges. Will any of the Big 3 mentioned on your site accept those courses for electives in a BS program?


I also have 24 hours in general education courses (academic) also from regionally accredited colleges.






The credit earned was awarded by US regionally accredited junior colleges, you say? If so, then yes, all of the big three assessment institutions should accept all unduplicated credit you submit (up to 90 semester hours), and most or all of that credit should be applicable in most degree programs where it may be used, as elective credit or in fulfillment of general ed requirements.


If you choose to do a degree in the Liberal Arts program, probably all of it would be applicable within the degreeís nominal 120 hour credit hours.








I have 42 credits of previous college credit, maybe more that may be transferable, but 42 that was accepted by University of Phoenix.


I'm looking to get a BA/BS in one of the buisiness fields. I also have lots of experience from work that may apply, such as sales, finance, managerial, import/export, sales, purchasing, and so on. I've also owned my own small business. I don't think I could jump right into the test taking and pass, I'll have to study and/or learn some of the coursework, also, I'm not sure what kind of passing scores I could produce.


What do you suggest I do? How do I get Started? How many credits can be earned by proven experience, what experience is acceptable, and how do I go about proving my experience? I'd really like to get this done as fast as possible!




Transferred credit applicable to the Business major is subject to a twenty year time limit. The credit must have been either awarded by a US regionally accredited institution, or have been evaluated and recommended by ACE. or, in the case of credit awarded by a foreign institution, have been evaluated for equivalency by a designated credential evaluator.


Note that the University of Phoenix accepts certain credit awarded by DETC accredited schools. None of the Big Three will accept such credit on the basis of the awarding institutionís DETC accreditation.


With respect to your professional experience, you may be able to earn credit for it via portfolio assessment. How to get started? Read BA in 4 Weeks, for a detailed exposition process and method.











Would the DANTES exam Introduction to Business be considered a duplication of credit with the CLEP exam Business Law I?


and/or DANTES Business Law II?


Also, does it matter what order DANTES exams are taken in History?


Can an upper level test in history be taken before a lower level test.?


Would an individual receive the upper level credit?


I plan to enroll at Excelsior College.





1. No.


2. No.


3. No.


4. Yes.


5. Yes.
















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