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 BA in 4 Weeks

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I m living in pakistan n wants to do Graduation. can u give me detail how can i gain BA degree of yours while remianing in pakistan.



Excelsior ECE exams and perhaps TECEP exams, by arrangement - you provide evidence of a suitable venue and proctor. GRE subject - shouldn't be a problem for you, local site should be available. CLEP - available at various test sites in Asia and perhaps on or near the Sub-Continent. DANTES (DSST) - may prove to be more of a problem for you.


I provide links to the test site lists of the various exam providers in the Critical Resources section. Look to use these. I've also discussed the issue in greater depth in this Lawrie's Q&A, and you should be able to access those musings in the Knowledge Base via a site search of


Depending upon how you go about constructing your degree plan, you may be able to meet all requirements by testing out, without leaving home. If not, well, consider augmenting local testing with a traditional course or two, and/or, a quick trip out of the country to test at the nearest foreign site accessible to you.








I have encountered a distance learning school that allows 100% testing and distance learning for MBA and PhD.


Have you heard of this School? Do you have and opinion of it?


I first encountered this from a personal account of a student going through the MBA program.


I thought it looked interesting and the school looks very legit.


They offer many programs and I am tempted to try them out.



Yes, I’m aware of Heriot Watt University and the EBS MBA DL program. I first visited the Heriot Watt campus in 1976 - 1977, and bought a DL “course” for evaluation of the EBS MBA program in 1995. I’ve offered my two cents in various fora. See


H-W is a mid-ranking UK, Royal Chartered school - equivalent to US regionally accredited.


Valuable independent resource if you opt for the MBA program is the Watercooler - . This provides a gateway to various other resources and the outstanding H-W MBA forum. There are a large number of free past papers, with solutions, for each MBA exam, readily available online.








Hi Lawrie, I have taken the Human Resources Management and Organizational Behaviour Dantes Tests a long time ago.

COSC is giving only intermediate credit for both. Can I take the ECE tests in both subjects and get Upper Division credits on top?

Thank You



Yes. Both of these ECE exams are awarded upper division credit by COSC, and as such, follow on directly from the intermediate DANTES exams. So, they're correctly ordered.








Does excelsior accept tecep exams?






Thanks for the tecep answer. I have tried to email tesc, but I have not heard back. I don't know how many lower and upper credits are accepted in the BA requirement. I have a AA so I have the general out of the way. I know you need 33 credits for your area of study and 27 free electives. Of these how many are upper and how many can be lower. Do you have a clue? I can't find it anywhere.



Yes, it's frustrating, isn't it? Requirements restrict the number of 101 courses in the concentration/major-area-of-study, to two. The remainder can comprise 200, 300, 400 level "courses". However, the designated "course" requirements of individual concentration disciplines, effectively restricts the number of 200 level courses that may be applied. So, ballpark, total four/five courses at levels 100 (2), 200 (2+).


I provide a link to the PDF version of the TESC BA catalog in the Critical Resources section of, accessible from the main menu on the home page. Go here, click the link to the TESC catalog, and "turn to" page 27. Begin reading forward from there.


See also the TESC college catalog, page 64 on up - PDF accessible from the adjacent link in the same Critical Resource page.













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