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 BA in 4 Weeks

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Do you think the DANTES "Ethics in America" will fulfill the Excelsior Ethics requirement for BS-CIS ?




Yes, that should not be a problem. In the Excelsior Business degree program either ECE Ethics: Theory and Practice, OR DANTES SF/SG 474 - Ethics in America, will do, and both satisfy what may be considered the more stringent Business Core requirement (as opposed to the arguably less demanding Arts and Sciences component in the BS CIS program).









I am an indian girl living in u.s. I did my high schooling in bombay, india. After that i did one year of engineering.i cleared total 12 papers only and left.i am interested in the excelsior or tecep undergraduate degree. Maybe in business.but could u tell me which one is fastest.i want to know the following:




1.       I have done some informal volunteer work in india will that earn credit here?


2.       If i start volunteering here in usa will that help?


3.       Is it possible to complete the degree from scratch in a year?


4.       Should i give some clep exams and gre general exam before enrolling?


5.       Which is better for credits gre subject or gre general?


  1. How much will the degree cost me in all as i come from a low income family?








1.The only way you can legitimately earn credit is by way of DEMONSTRATION OF COMPETENCIES. If you can document the work you have done, and match it in terms of content and level to some course offered at a regionally accredited four-year institution, then you may successfully portfolio it.




2. Again, the only thing that will help will be to demonstrate that you know what you are required to know to qualify for degree credit. Doing socially useful work, while laudable, does not, per se, indicate competence in relevant disciplines at the required academic level.


It is safe to say that Mother Teresa herself would not have been granted an earned degree from any of the Big Three for any accomplishment unless she provided verifiable evidence of competence in the relevant disciplines by dint of exam, portfolio, or traditional coursework.


Certainly, submission of evidence of the award of her Nobel Prize would, if properly portfolio’d, go some way to fulfilling requirements of a major in, say, Peace Studies. Submission of a portfolio required since such a prize is not ACE evaluated nor awarded by a US regionally accredited institution or the foreign equivalent thereof.





3. Yes, absolutely.





4. Perhaps, see BA in 4 Weeks, “Enroll now or wait?”





5. See BA in 4 Weeks, “GRE exams”, quote in big, bold, black lettering:







6. That depends upon how you go about it – what credit you bring to the table, the college you choose, and how you earn new credit. The range at current prices would be $2,000 to $5,000. This is discussed in this Q&A, in the BA in 4 Weeks Knowledge Base, and in the BA in 4 Weeks FAQs (question 9).












I'm at a point in my life where I have no clue what to do. I have taken a couple of courses at University of Toronto here in Canada(Computer Science related) and haven't had a chance to finish the program. I'm 24 and stuck doing customer service or sales related jobs.


I want to at least acquire a bachelor's degree in something worthwhile so that I can get my life back on track with a career, and not some dead-end job working under some person who thinks they run the bloody world. Now since I'm in Canada, are your guidelines still valid here? What would you recommend I should do to get the ball rolling.






Yes, most of the information presented in BA in 4 Weeks applies even to Canadian residents. Just follow the recommendations detailed in BA in 4 Weeks.




To take the exams, you have the option of traveling south to test in the States, or staying at home and doing the testing there.


1. Excelsior’s ECE exams are offered at prometrics test sites in Canada. Indeed, I sat my first crop of ACT/PEP/Regents exams at a Sylvan/Prometrics test site in Richmond, Vancouver.



2. For CLEP, two open Canadian sites (open=anyone can use them) currently available are:




Assistant Director

Northwest Baptist College

22606 76A Avenue, Box 790

Langley, BC V3A 8B8

604-888-3310 Canada- Vancouver




Director, Operations

University of Phoenix -- ULC

4401 Still Creek Drive

Suite 200

Vancouver, BC V5C 6G9





3. For DANTES, there’s one Canadian site listed:


Education Officer

722 Sus/Dpe

40 Manston Crescent

Hornell Hts Ontario


705-494-6011 Ext 6613
















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