To complete an AS degree in two weeks or BS degree in four weeks (a comfortable period) without using GRE subject exams, military bases are one viable option. I guess you could travel from test center to test center, doing the usual two exams  per diet, then traveling to the next center for another two exams  and so on. Not very practical. There are exam sites other than military bases that allow multiple consecutive day testing. See  the DANTES web

 site for a list of test stations. Many of these will also permit CLEP testing*,and some will allow multiple day testing.


By way of practical, concrete example, consider the following. VAFB near Lompoc, CA (University of La Verne base outpost)  will allow testing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all day and  Thursday part of the day. When you work out the practicalities  behind the numbers, this restricts you to three exams a day.  Three exams a day is also a comfortable pace that can be sustained  over a period of weeks (my experience).


Given the need for some revision, nine or ten exams per week spread over three consecutive days of four consecutive days, is practical and sensible. Note that at least some of the exams will have to be ECE to meet upper division (UD) requirements.


Since the first five exams should be the CLEP general exams, each worth six credit hours, the freshman year can be completed before the second day's testing has ended. Yes, that's right, a year's worth of college credit in less that 48 hours. By the end of the second day of the second week, the sophomore year will be in the bag. This leaves seven days testing over the next two and a half weeks to complete the junior and senior years. Plenty of time for revision and altogether a walk in the park. :-)


NB- ECE English Composition required in the case of Excelsior College, not CLEP English with Essay.









Note that the practical limit on ECE exams is three per day. Each of these exams is three hours in length. However, most can be completed (and passed) in about an hour. Most Sylvan centers are open at least nine hours per day excluding Saturday and Sunday (Saturday a half day normally).


I'm not suggesting spending nine hours at a stretch testing, but you can schedule it that way. As previously noted, most ECE exams can be completed in about an  hour, and those administering the exams will allow you to start the next scheduled exam early if you have completed the preceding  one in short time.


Of the thirteen ECE I've taken, only two required the full three hours, English Composition and Business Policy and Strategy . Both of these are written (non-objective) exams. So, in the main, you should be in and out, and nine UD credits to the good in less than four hours for each day of ECE testing, on average.


In two weeks (AS degree) or four weeks (BA or BS degree), you  will have completed all degree requirements without prematurely  turning gray. All that is then required is that you send in the graduation fee and wait for conferral. The diploma should arrive  in the mail a week or so thereafter. Mount in a suitable frame for viewing and keep it out of direct sunlight.






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