Note that as of July 2001, CLEP is going over to computer based testing (CBT). I don't know the details yet as far as it relates to multiple day testing, but I think that positive side effect is likely inherent in this change. I've tried the sample trial test software, and it's similar to the RCE computer based tests and nearly indistinguishable from the GMAT CBT.



1. As of July 2001, CLEP changed over to  computer based testing (CBT). Excelsior College is only awarding pass/fail grades for these exams until enough data has been accumulated to "grade the curve". Read Excelsior College comments and peruse the interim CLEP grading charts here.

2. The CLEP CBT questions carry no penalty for incorrect answers.

3. I know of at least one candidate in Europe who sat the CLEP general exams after 31 July 2001, who was still tested under the old paper and pencil regimen. It may be that CBT will be introduced there at a later date. If anyone could give me an update . . . 

1. Scores on some CLEP exams are now being letter graded. See the grading chart at the link above.









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