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By the end of week 2, the WER had been met, you had fulfilled the General Ed requirements with 12 credits in Mathematics/ Science, 12 credits in Social Science/History, and 12 credits in Humanities. That crop more than meets General Ed needs for either the BA or BS degree.



Week three is about to begin. You're going to build on the foundations laid down during the previous two weeks. We will continue to add to the cache of upper division credit whilst filling out the rest of the program. This week's schedule will comprise:





  ECE Abnormal Psychology

  ECE Psychology of Adulthood and Aging

  ECE Foundations in Gerontology


  CLEP Information Systems and Computer Applications

  CLEP Introduction to Sociology

  DANTES Drug and Alcohol Abuse


  DANTES Management Information Systems

  DANTES Contemporary Western Europe

  DANTES Here's to Your Health


  Labor Relations



For Monday's exams in Psychology, you have already completed a deal of the ground work in Psych 101, Organizational Behavior, Ed Psych. Books for these next three exams - the trusty Psych 101 primer, Abnormal Psychology Harper Collins, and the Princeton Review Cracking the GRE Psychology. For the mature adult who has had to deal with offspring and aging parents, much of the material in the 2nd and 3rd exam will be familiar territory. For the first exam, read and understand the slim Harper Collins work augmented by the even thinner Princeton Review Psych offering. These two will be more than adequate to see you through the exam.


Tuesday's tests are really a gift. The lower division Information Systems exam is very basic indeed. If you need a primer try one of the quick and nasty "For Dummies" series or another basic text. For the Sociology test there are any number of primers available if you find you require one after completing the sample CLEP test. Any $5 to 8$ text will be fine. Drug and Alcohol Abuse - I'd say 90% of the material you likely already know. Try the mock exam first and if you find need help, do a google search with keywords, "addiction drug rehabilitation alcoholism". The search results are free and equal to the task of readying you for the exam.


Management Information Systems, I thought surprisingly easy for an upper division exam. You can ready yourself for this exam with any foundation level MIS primer. If you are computer illiterate, we'll discuss substitute exams at the end of the series, but really, at least try the mock of this exam.


"Contemporary Western Europe" I thought another near give-away, but many students from the U.S. might have slight trouble if not adequately prepared. Any history of Western Europe post 1945 will suffice. Just the basic facts. You can get as much for free by using a web search. Try "Europe 1945 to the present", "European integration", "History of the EC". Use the free DANTES mock exam to guide you. I did not sit "Here's to Your Health" because I thought it'd look lame on a transcript. Others though, have used it and come to no apparent harm. It is, by every account, another free gift, so I've included it here.


Thursday - one exam: Labor Relations. This test follows naturally on the heels of last week's Management of Human Resources. The MUST for this exam is that you read and understand the fundamentals of US labor law and dispute resolution agreements. That sounds like a lot, but most American workers will have some experience and familiarity with the basic system. I had no idea, and found it necessary to read-up on federal laws and agreements. That study, and the application of common sense, was enough for a good "A" for this foreigner, so U.S. nationals, bred in the system should be well placed for a good pass. Use the web to find the relevant labor laws and agreements. This new knowledge and that gained for the HR exam last week, will see you through.

Week three has come and gone. You now have 90 semester hours of college credit under your belt. You have met the basic Gen Ed requirements, some depth and breadth requirements, and you have accumulated 27 upper division credit hours. There remains one week and 30 credit hours to go to complete the BA.


ECE Labor Relations 3
ECE Abnormal Psychology 3
ECE Psychology of Adulthood and Aging 3
ECE Foundations in Gerontology 3
CLEP Information Systems and Computer Applications 3
CLEP Introduction to Sociology 3
DANTES Drug and Alcohol Abuse 3
DANTES Management Information Systems 3
DANTES Contemporary Western Europe 3
DANTES Here's to Your Health 3

Barron's EZ-101 Psychology $6.95
Harper Collins Abnormal Psychology  $12
Princeton Review Cracking the GRE in Psychology  $20
Any MIS primer about $20
Harper Collins Introduction to Sociology $12
www search of US labor laws and federal labor agreements
www search of drug addiction diagnosis, management and treatments



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