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1. We have constructed subject and exam matrices that are synergistic. That is, the interrelated elements in the chosen subjects and the chosen test pairings of subjects mean that facts and concepts learned and absorbed in studying one discipline are directly applicable within one of the other tested disciplines. So, for example, elements of knowledge in Psych 101, Ed Psych, Supervision, Human Resources, Organizational Behavior, are common, reusable and complementary.


2. It is not enough to accumulate *any* 120 credits. There must be cohesion and depth in terms of disciplines and breadth in the range of subjects studied. So far we have met the Written English Requirement (WER), the Humanities,Mathematics/Science, and Social Science/History requirements.



So, on to the second week. You have already earned 30 semester hours credit. This week you're going to pick up another 30 with an assortment of not too difficult tests. You need to schedule for Monday a full day at a Sylvan center near you, and Tuesday and Wednesday at your friendly military base, community center, or other station allowing multiple testing. Thursday, one more exam at Sylvan.




  ECE Ethics Theory and Practice

  ECE Organizational Behavior

  ECE World Population



You finished testing early Tuesday afternoon of last week and have been enjoying periods of relaxation interspersed with study. It's now the following Monday morning, 9:00AM. You've shown your ID at the Sylvan test center, had your mug shot taken, and signed in. The exam proctor escorts you to your seat. You disdain his offer of a pair of neon colored guaranteed sanitized / made in ROK, earplugs (they itch). Ready and confident, you "press any key to begin", and begin.


"Ethics: Theory and Practice" will be one of the more time consuming ECE exams to wrap up. Not because it is difficult but rather that the scenario questions can take a while to read and digest. You should be through in about two hours or a bit less. When you have reviewed your answers and indicate you're happy, your score and grade will appear on the screen. That's a buzz: immediate gratification.


You signal that you have completed the exam and go back into the proctor's office or wait at the access hatch. He will provide you with a printed and embossed/stamped score sheet.


An hour to eat, drink (recommend a cooler with a packed lunch and sit in your car), and some light revision for the next exam. Forget about the previous test, it's history and you can't affect the result, but you can influence the outcome of the next one. In every one of the 13 ECE exams I sat, I did significantly better than I would have predicted immediately after the test but before the actual result was revealed. I hope you will be similarly surprised. For many or most, I think it likely.


"Organizational Behavior" you start at noon. Expect to be through about 1:00PM to 1:15PM. Your next exam is scheduled for 3:00PM but you can elect to take it early, or you can do more eating, or snoozing, or light revision for the final exam of the day.

"World Population" - we've left this for last because it's the easiest, and if you're feeling a little tired,well, this is nothing to get excited about. You shouldfinish this within about an hour.


Let me repeat previous note in this series: you will know how you will perform with fair certainty by tracking your performance in the mock exams. I found the mock exams (listed elsewhere) very good predictors of actual performance on forty (40) occasions. I doubt that that would be a fluke, or an experience you would not share, if you were to follow the same bench marking strategy.




  CLEP Introductory Psychology

  CLEP Introduction to Educational Psychology

  CLEP American Government


If it's Tuesday, it must be the CLEPs (from July 2001 these will be computer based tests like the RCE exams). First up, "Introduction to Psychology". You’re a mature adult and you intuitively understand many of the concepts to be examined. You've read the "Cliff Notes" version of Psych 101. You're ready, trust me.


Exam finished at 10:30AM and the next one is scheduled for noon. "Educational Psychology" is next. Make sure you've gone through and can answer the questions in the Official CLEP book and you should do fine.


3:00PM "American Government". Examinees educated in the the United States should have little problem with this exam. If however, like me, you were educated in the ways of another, less confusing and more civilized political system, you may benefit from a primer. I used no primer.




  DANTES Fundamentals of Counseling

  DANTES Principles of Supervision

  DANTES Criminal Justice



Wednesday: Fundamentals of Counseling. Read Psych 101, have a look at a primer on human resources, apply common sense, and stir. A pass should not be a problem.


"Principles of Supervision" performance in exam benefits from reading Psych 101, Human Resource Management, and Organizational behavior. Should not be a problem for any mature adult. Almost all of us at one time or another, on one side or another, have had practical experience of many or most of the scenarios encountered in this exam.


"Criminal justice"? Watched any crime programs on TV? No problem then. Seriously, this was not a justice system with which I was familiar, but most of the answers were fairly obvious. No need for prior contact or experience with the U.S. justice system required. Do make sure you try the free DANTES sample questions, though. If you experience a significant problem, a primer may be in order. I think it likely most of you having come thus far, would have no difficulty.



  ECE Management of Human Resources


Back to Sylvan for the RCE Management of Human Resources. Use Barron's Business Library Human Resources Management book. Prior study for Psch 101, Organizational Management, Principles of Counseling, all contribute here. Should complete this exam in one hour to ninety minutes. If you've gotten through the other "people handling" exams, this will be a snip.


It's Thursday morning 11:00AM, the sun is shining and testing is over for this week. You earned 30 hours credit, with many of those credits in the upper division, and you have completed all lower division compulsory elements. You now have a total of 60 semester hours of college credit, and you're already halfway to an accredited bachelor degree in well less than two weeks. Cool!




ECE Ethics Theory and Practice  3
ECE Organizational Behavior 3
ECE World Population  3
ECE Management of Human Resources 3
CLEP Introductory Psychology 3
CLEP Introduction to Educational Psychology 3
CLEP American Government 3
DANTES Fundamentals of Counseling 3
DANTES Principles of Supervision 3
DANTES Criminal Justice 3

Barron's EZ-101 Psychology $6.95
HarperCollins Outline Ethics $12
Harper Collins Introduction to Government $13
Barron's Business Lib Human Resources $16.95
www CIA World Fact Book $free



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