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1. Legitimacy of the institution  - defined as, state funded, and recognized by the government of the country as an institution of higher learning, or, in the case of US institutions, they may be public or private, but they must be regionally accredited. Regional accreditation is the gold standard of higher education institution legitimacy in the United States.



2. Programs must be truly distance learning programs - There must be no requirement for any visits to the administering institution or its agents, other than occasional local excursions for the purposes of writing proctored exams. Note that programs listed may recommend and offer face to face seminars and other personal encounters, but none are required*.




3. Cost of program- Must offer good value relative to degree utility, and the price must make it accessible to the average person. Although the Duke University DL MBA might offer wonderful utility, at $95,000,  it is likely beyond the reach of most visitors to this web site. Costs quoted are for complete programs at the “international student rate”. Institutions may offer lower program rates to local applicants.



4. Programs must be offered by an English-speaking university in a preferred country. Preferred countries include, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, Eire, other Western European countries (provided the offering institution's primary language of instruction is English).


*Not applicable to doctorates



















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