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Below is the abbreviated record of private correspondence with a learner whose personal details I have withheld. He/she has not given clear written consent to publish that information. Although I have removed any and all identifying detail, I think the story still makes for a fine example that may prove an inspiration to others.


It is also a useful foundation upon which a more detailed case study might be constructed. It is a story of the journey of an experienced, accomplished, and very busy executive, who began with some antique college credit, and made time to earn, first, a  bachelor’s degree, then an MBA, and finally perhaps, . . . a Ph.D.


The learner’s emails are reproduced here, more or less complete, without of course, the aforementioned identifying detail. My responses, often very long, have been edited down to snippets which are intended to provide context and continuity to the  learners testimony.






















December 2001


----- Original Message -----

From: Name Withheld

To: 4WeekBA@

Sent: 19 Dec 01, 08:51

Subject: Some guidance...



I reviewed your web page regarding the 4 week BS degree. Very

informative and put together extremely well. Congratulations on this.


I am very interested in following your advice and am strongly

considering Excelsior College. I don't plan on doing this in 4 weeks,

but perhaps 6 months. I have over 20 years of business experience in

both technical and management, I am currently a VP of information withheld.

I received an AS Degree from an accredited University back in 1980, and

have not been able to find the time to get my BS Degree.


In addition to all the information on your website, are there any other

recommendations/insights you can share with me with regards to embarking

on my goal? It seemed to me that your have become comfortable with the

tests, and was wondering if you had any additional

advice/recommendations for preparing.


I appreciate your insight in whatever information you can share.


Thanks again,




-----Original Message-----

From: 4WeekBA [mailto:4WeekBA@          ]

Sent: Friday, December 21, 2001 8:48 AM

To: Name and email address withheld

Subject: Re: Some guidance...


Hi - - - - - -,


From the information you provide, you appear to be a prime candidate for

a BA in 4 Weeks . . . especially if earned over half a year :) . . .


<Specific Advice deleted>


. . . I'd urge you to go ahead and get it rolling soon as you like. Now, would be a good time. Yesterday, would be better. Would wish you luck but you are not going to need it.


Regards Lawrie.








November 2002


----- Original Message -----

From: Name Withheld

To: 4WeekBA@

 Sent: 07 Nov 02, 10:31 AM

Subject: RE:  Some guidance...





Its been almost a year since you sent me the email see above. Let me tell you how I have done with your advice.


I enrolled in Excelsior College and I had to complete an additional 45

credits. I completed my last Dantes exam on August 30th. I received all

A's on the CLEP, DANTES, and Excelsior exams. By the way, I do have a

demanding full time job, but I made up my mind that I would do this

regardless of the amount of work. I did not set a deadline, but applied

myself to do as much as I could take on. On September 3rd I began my MBA

program with American Intercontinental University. They accepted me

pending my final grades from Excelsior. (My official graduation is

scheduled for Nov. 15) AIU has a fast paced yet intense program, and I

should have my MBA by the end of April next year. And yes, they are

accredited. I am already contemplating continuing on a Doctorate

program, but have not yet decided.


Just wanted to share this with you, so that you can see that your

website and comments do have an impact on people searching to finish

their degrees. Any advice on some good Doctorate programs in Business?


Thanks again,






-----Original Message-----

From: 4WeekBA [mailto:4WeekBA@            ]

Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2002 10:35 AM

To: Name Withheld

Subject: RE:  Some guidance...



This is great news. Well done! A textbook example/case study. . . .  If you like, I could feature your experience on the BA in 4 Weeks web site. Would be an inspiration to others. Let me know. If you don't like that, I may use it as an anonymous study, with all identifying references removed . . .


. . . Doctorate - Cheap and comes with good reviews, would be the Touro University Ph.D. in Business Administration. Good points are . . .


. . . Northcentral* University will soon be granted regional accreditation. If

memory serves they have a Business Ph.D . .


. . . Other offerings include, Walden (App Man Ph.D.), Capella U, U of Phoenix

(DM), Argosy DBA . . .



* note that Northcentral U, is not North Central U.


Once again, first class performance, XXXXX (but no less than expected).


Warmest regards











April 2003


From:    "Name Withheld" < Name@email address withheld > Show All Headers       

To:    <4WeekBA@            >  

Subject:    RE:  Some guidance...  

Date:    Tue, 29 Apr 2003 14:57:07 -0400  





Hello Lawrie,


Its me again. I'm sure you don't remember so I have attached the email

string below <see above>.


I just want to again thank you for motivating me to get back to school,

and to tell you I just finished the AIU MBA program this last Saturday.

It was a grueling and intense program, but very doable. Now I am

actually contemplating a PhD or DBA, after a break.


I am considering Touro and now Northcentral University, as you mentioned

on the email below.


Thanks again,





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