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Roger Habeck earned his Bachelor degree by distance learning from Charter Oak State College (COSC) at the age of 58. All 123 hours of credit were culled from standardized proficiency examinations. He completed the entire process in under a year. I first became aware of him in 1997 when  he asked a question in AED, and I replied.    * I remember it because that answer was later refurbished and reused in BA in 4 Weeks (never throw anything away).


Habeck dropped out of high school at the height of the Cold War to serve his country in the Army Security Agency, an intelligence gathering group for the NSA (the National Security Agency).


He later became publisher of the The Virginia Review, a journal serving the interests of appointed and elected government officials in Virginia  (a job he still hold to this day). He is also president of the Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce.


Despite his many accomplishments Roger remains unassuming and approachable. Recognizing this common appeal, in 1999, CLEP co-opted him to use his story and his image in their banner  national recruitment campaigns. At 59, he was a poster boy. 


Roger continues to be active in distance learning, harnessing his considerable energies to deliver exam-based credit resources to traditional colleges and their students, through his company, Mentor Institute Inc.

Lawrie Miller





I began lurking on this news group [he usenet news group, Alt .Education. Distance]in August of 1997. As a result of what I learned, I bought John's  book [John Bear's book, Bears Guide], posted a few questions, sent John B several emails and decided that I  would see how I could do by testing out a degree.


I signed up with a local college to take two CLEP general exams. I took "Humanities" and "Soc. Sciences and History" in October of 1997. I did not study for them although I did buy the CLEP study guide. I began to gather information from Regents, TESC, and Charter Oak. At this time Regents [now Excelsior College - LM] was going through the trials of becoming independent and was most incoherent when I spoke to them. I found TESC less than cooperative and Charter Oak acted as if I was the long lost child finally come home. 


It was not hard to decide for Charter Oak. They were also very helpful in  advising me as to exactly what tests to take and which order to take them in so one would not "step" on the other. This was before I matriculated as they required that I have 30 credits to enroll. 


I took two more 6 credit Cleps in November of 1997, "Accounting" and "Natural Sciences." At this point I started looking into Dantes exams and started scouting out GRE Subject exams. I found out that I had missed the GRE dates for 1997, and I would have to drive over 100 miles to take Dantes exams. Then I would only be allowed to take one at a time and only 6 times per year. Bummer. 


No tests in December, found another college 40 miles away that would let me take CLEPS at my convenience. Rock n' Roll. 


January 98, two more CLEPS, "Intro. Business law", "Principals of Marketing". Piece of cake, only study so far flip through a standard text and refresh on words and phrases. 


February slump, no tests, can't figure out how to get Dantes exams and can't get straight answer on signing up for GRE subject exams. Local college blowing smoke. 


Shazam !! Good friend is president of local Jr. college, he says if I get the information he will have their testing center apply to administer Dantes exams. I call ETS they tell me what to do. I pass information on to Jr. College. Nothing happens. 


March 1998 energized again. Took 4 CLEPs two at local college, two at 40 mile school. "American Lit", "English Lit.", "Intro Micro economics", "Intro Macroeconomics", almost fried my brain. Found out that GRE will be administered in April and I am too late. Asked for stand by status and sent more money. 


April- Enrolled at Charter Oak, Took GRE "History", almost did me in. Got word Jr College set up for Dantes, OK !! 


May - First two Dantes Exams, "Intro to Business", "Money and Banking." Different, no time limit, other wise about as hard as CLEPS.. Much close coaching from Charter Oak, order is critical on some of these tests. If I take the hard one first the easy one won't count. 


June - Test month from Hell, 2 CLEPS, "Info systems/computer apps", "English Comp. w/Essay."  2 Dantes, "Organizational Behavior", "Pers/Hum Resource Management", 15 credits total. Got grade on GRE, 18 more credits. Smokin!


July - I had so much misery taking four in June I took four again in July, 2 CLEPS, "Analysis Interp of Lit.", "American Government." 2 Dantes, "Into. to Modern Middle East", "Intro. to World Religions." Getting close, running out of tests, much discussion with Charter Oak, the GRE was great but killed a bunch of possible tests. Final plan approved. 


August - Junk and weirdness, plus I am getting pretty weird too. 2 CLEPS. "Principals of Management", "Intro Psych." 3 Dantes, "Heres to your health", "Criminal Justice", "Principals of Finance." Only one to go. I need to take the Charter Oak Statistics  test to meet my math requirement. Sent for test, found out I needed proctor, worked out arrangement with local librarian, No Charge. Sent for test again. 


September - Test arrives I take it and send it back. 123 credits If I passed everything. Got word that my concentration proposal was accepted and my essay was OK.  Good thing since I am finished. 



16 CLEPs, 

9 Dantes, 

1 GRE subject (History),

1 COSC Statistics. 


13 of the Dantes and CLEPs were awarded letter grades by Charter Oak 

10 A's

3 B's 

the rest are Pass, Fail. 


7 CLEPs were worth 6 credits each, the rest and all the Dantes were worth 3. 


The GRE was worth 18,  I got a 540 for 72 percentile. the COSC Stastics was worth 6. I took the tests much too fast to study for them. I am not sure how you would even begin to study for some of the General Exams like English literature, I mean where would you start? 


I ran into a bizarre snarl on the English composition with essay because of a minor physical disability.Thanks to Charter Oak, it worked out fine.Charter Oak is pretty small, where Regents and TESC count their students in thousands Charter Oak counts in hundreds. In talking with their administrative people they have decided to look outside Conn. for their future growth so the future looks bright for the Charter Oak option.


About me, I am a high school dropout, I was pitched out of one college and flunked out of another. I am 58 and have been self employed all my life.I am currently a publisher and journalist. I am looking into several Masters programs, including the new one at Regents. I am preparing myself for my post retirement career - I intend to teach. If it had not been for this group Alt.Education.Distance, I am sure I would not have attempted this.


Roger Habeck




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