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At the request of a number of readers, I've included a detailed listing of my exam history. Skeptics have suggested that earning a bachelor degree by examination is impossible without monumental effort, and even then, could only be accomplished by a gifted few. Frankly, this is nonsense. I earned two degrees by the method, and no one has ever accused me of being gifted. To counter the skeptics, and answer the question, "what is actually realistic and possible?", I've included a listing of all my exam grades and the degrees earned, as a practical matter of providing evidence in support of the claims made in these guides.


You might want to consider these data a benchmark of performance of an unexceptional student. I think it likely that whatever I can do, you can do too, plus or minus a bit.


Whatever your relative performance  though, what matters is that you see it through to the end and get the degree. Do not be swayed by the uninformed naysayers. Do your own research  and, above all, try the practice exams yourself. While some will wag a finger and offer a host reasons why it can't be done, you'll be off earning your bachelor diploma. There is no more eloquent riposte.








Graduated from University of the State of New York, Regents College, with a Liberal Arts degree, a Bachelor of Science in Political Science1 (concentration), overall  GPA 3.40


Graduated from Regents College (now Excelsior College) with a Bachelor of Science in General Business summa cum laude, overall GPA 3.92



1Completed requirements for an additional liberal arts degree major, this time in Psychology. USNY regulations prohibited conferral of another degree in the same liberal arts program, however. 




I sat a total of 40 proficiency exams of various hues, comprising CLEP, DANTES, GRE subject, and RCE (formerly ACT/PEP, and now ECE).



I sat two GRE exams. My scores were above the 96 percentile in one, and above the 92 percentile in the other. Had I only required a pass above the 40th percentile (as required by COSC), I would have needed only light revision. To be sure of a pass above the 80th percentile (the requirement for maximum credit at Excelsior College) it is prudent to target score in the practice exams at above the 90th percentile. This requires a deal of quite serious effort. Again, note that COSC students only require a pass above the 40 percentile (you lucky people).



38 exams written, most with little study, 11 with no study at all, targeting a letter grade "A", and a score above the 90th percentile in each. Over thirty exams could have been taken and passed with no study had only a passing score been required. One of the 38 exams was taken twice - I took ill during the first exam and could not continue to the end but did submit my paper anyway. Of the total of 38 exams, I passed 38.


Four exams were not letter graded:

For those not letter credited, the percentile scores were 99th percentile, 97th percentile, 96th percentile, and 89th percentile.


The rest (34) were letter graded. Results were: 30 A,  3 B,  1 C.


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